Interesting Facts

100 Tables

250 Chairs

2,500 meals prepared weekly

16,000 drinks served weekly.


Jimm’s Steakhouse & Pub Est. 2009
    The summer of 2008 ushered in the end of an era, as the legendary doors of Springfield’s Steak and Ale restaurant closed abruptly after 32 years, due to changes within the corporation which held the establishment. The phone rang in the early morning hours bringing the news that the doors were to shut immediately. No warning, no notice, simply the end. This news was virtually impossible for proprietor Jimm Swafford to process. So many friends, families and loyal employees left unemployed overnight, let alone Jimm himself. In those first few days that followed there was a scurry to ensure that no one was left behind. Jimm made himself busy with the tasks of providing food and finding jobs for all those he could as he dealt with the overwhelming burden of saying goodbye to a business and family whose success he had dedicated the past decade of his life to. As the dust settled from the unexpected tragedy of Steak and Ale’s demise, Jimm approached the building’s owner Errett Sechler in hopes that there would be some way to salvage this Springfield legend. It was unfortunate news to find that he shared no interest in becoming a restaurateur again, and felt it best to pass on the opportunity at that time. This left nothing more for Jimm to do than pick himself up, dust himself off and move on……….as if he ever could.
    One year later Jimm still found himself haunted by that English Tudor building he had left behind. Every time he passed by his heart was heavy with loss, even stopping by to pull the weeds that crept up around the abandoned façade. Despite his new found career with a national restaurant corporation, he had spent the last year in search of a business partner who was passionate about breathing life into the ghost of a building Springfield had loved for so long. With no prospects on the horizon Jimm decided to surrender his dream of rejuvenating the steakhouse and contacted Mr. Sechler to deliver this news. Less than 24 hours had passed when Jimm’s phone rang, only to find Mr. Sechler on the other end requesting a meeting with him. The anticipation over the next few days kept Jimm on edge. Could it be possible his dream would come true? After trying so hard to find a way, searching, praying and having just let go of the notion; was this really happening? As the meeting began Jimm knew instantly his life was about to change forever, and that his dream was coming true! A change of heart had taken place. Not only was the Mr. Sechler now interested in backing the revival of Springfield’s legendary steakhouse, they also wanted Jimm’s name on the sign! The opportunity to bring his dream to life was being presented to him on a grander scale than he ever imagined. He was offered full backing to recreate the legend he held so close to his heart. He said yes.
    Today Jimm’s Steakhouse and Pub stands tall among the best. This is exemplified through every step of our impeccable service and every hand cut steak we serve. We give thanks to our community for building us, and allowing us to continue the tradition of these legendary doors. We know we would cease to exist without the support of each and every guest who blesses us. It is an incredible opportunity to be able to do that which we love every day, and to be able to share it with the community in which we live. To all of our guests past, present and future we thank you for making us great! Our success we owe entirely to you, and we promise to do our very best to demonstrate our gratitude every time you visit. To those of you who don’t know us yet we invite you to stop in for the Jimm’s experience the next time you find yourself in our neighborhood……a great steak awaits you! Again, we thank you!